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Search engine Optimization

Kaswebtech provides website optimization to its valuable customers free of cost Its also available with our AMC for the maintenance of your portals.

What is optimization and why you need it ?

Website optimization is a technique used to get a higher ranking in search engine Such that google.com, amazon.com and msn.com. Optimization is important as anyone looking for a particular product or service whatsoever it may be i.e you are looking for a web designing firm . than you will type Web design and search it using any of the above search engines and as a result 10 or 15 links will come up than you will further click on these links to go to these particular sites of the service providers but you will use the links from 1st page or 2nd page only and you wont go beyond that ( there might be 1000s of result for a particular search) and hence you will contact any of the firms you have got as a result of search. Here comes the need for optimization because if your website is not on the top than its quite impossible to attract traffic to your website only a few people will visit your website and that means less business but we will optimize your website to such an extent that you will always find it at the first place And how we do it is a business secret but at present its available free of cost with our Valuable customers. No matter you want us to design your website or just maintain it you will get free optimization for almost an year. What more can you expect.

In what time a site can appear in search engines?

Generally it takes 30 to 45 days after first submission and initially its ranking may be low but within three to five months it will come up on the page.Though some new search engines may list within one week.