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Sofware Testing

It is almost impossible to meet client requirement without software Testing. In other words software development life cycle is incomplete without Software Testing life cycle. Software Testing is used to commit that the software will meet the 100% clients requirement with proper functioning. To meet client’s requirement Software testing does Quality Assurance & Quality Control.

Quality Assurance:

To assure the software is meeting 100% client’s requirement, we perform both Functional testing and Non-Functional testing.

Functional testing: - It is like black box testing techniques. We verify and validate the working of software including its every minute functionalities using Manual software Testing and Automation Testing.

Manual testing: - It is done manually and contains many other different testing types and techniques like Smoke testing, detailed functional testing, Retesting&hellip Many other.

Automation testing: - It is done using scripts and automation tool. These tools require scripts to executive and check any functionality under test. We use scripting language to write these scripts like Java Scripts and VB Scripts.

Non-Functional testing: - We verify and validate Non-Function scenarios. It is performed by using standard techniques like GUI testing, Compatibility Testing, Content Testing&hellip Many other.

Quality Control:

To assure the software quality is in control we monitor the entire software development process. We keep track or check the each and every process is meeting 100% quality requirement using Bug reporting tools and project management tools. Bug reporting tool is used to report and keep track if any bug arise in the application until it gets resolve. Project management tool to manage complete project development process. We provide the best quality software’s and web applications as per industry standards. We follow planned systematic approach to achieve quality work which includes monitoring of processes or progresses, parallel controlling on quality and analyzing or working on the given feedback from different sources.